Local, regional and nationwide distribution opportunities.


365bet体育Jan/San supply houses from around the world depend on Amano Pioneer Eclipse® chemicals and equipment to help build and expand their business. Dependable, efficient and easy-to-use products along with expert knowledge and support allow distributors to maximize their throughput, satisfy their most ardent customers and – more importantly – increase their profits.

365bet体育Amano Pioneer Eclipse manufactures machines that are affordable, simple to operate and easy to maintain. A fleet of scrubbers and burnishers backed by a variety of pads and brushes gives distributors the flexibility to meet the needs of almost any flooring professional. Even more, Amano Pioneer Eclipse produces a wide array of floor finishes and treatments to makes any distributor the single source supplier for their customers.

365bet体育Specialty products like PowerStar, the concrete maintenance and polishing system, helps distributors differentiate themselves from other suppliers and stay at the front of an ever changing industry. EnviroStar Green, the Amano Pioneer Eclipse brand of environmentally preferred chemical products, gives an floor care professional the edge when meeting strict new green requirements. Combined with the support and the dependability that is synonymous with 30 years of industry success, and it is easy to see why distributors large and small have partnered with Amano Pioneer Eclipse.

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